Oh No….You Found Radon, Now What?

A standard test done on most houses that are sold these days is a Radon test. Your dream house-to-be tested positive for Radon or Radon exposure, so now what?

What is Radon?

Radon is a gas that is created as uranium breaks down deep in the ground. Uranium is actually a very common element. It’s Oh No....You Found Radon, Now What?found in water, rocks and soil in the US. All homes in the US have radon. It’s that prevalent. The question comes up when the amounts of it seeping into your home falls under what the EPA considers as problematic or not. Levels that are a problem are 4.0 pCi/L or higher.

Radon causes serious health problems

If the levels are high enough it can cause lung cancer! The gas is radioactive, but is colorless, odorless and tasteless. If you have well water, Radon can get in that as well and contaminate your water supply. Once the water gets up into your home, the Radon is released into the air too. Ingesting contaminated water can lead to stomach cancer. When your home is tested, both air and, if you have a well, water will be tested. If found at levels that are too high, there are ways to remove it from your air and water.

Activated carbon filter

One way to remove it from your well water is to install a filter where the water comes into your home and use activated carbon to remove the Radon. This is an inexpensive way to remove it, but takes upkeep and professional services to remove used filters which will be radioactive.


The other way is to use aeration, which uses air to blow the Radon out of the water and vent it up through the roof and away from your home. It’s more expensive to do this method when installed, but there is absolutely no maintenance and disposal.

So if you find Radon, don’t panic. It’s fixable and you’ll be healthier for it!

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