Organization Tips For Your Kitchen..5 Ways To Keep Your Counters Show Ready

Your kitchen is one place that people looking at your home will want to see. Getting and keeping it organized is very important. If your kitchen looks cluttered it will appear too small, no matter how updated it may be. So here are some organization tips to keep your kitchen looking show ready.

Kitchen cabinets need to be organized and neat

Organization Tips For Your Kitchen..5 Ways To Keep Your Counters Show ReadyPeople WILL open and look inside your kitchen cabinets. So now is the time to empty each one and scrub them out and reorganize the contents. Stack plates neatly and by color or pattern. Get rid of odds and ends. Same with glasses, cups and mugs.

Overcrowded shelves of a lot of mugs and cups will make cabinets look too small. Pack up extras and keep your nicest in the cabinet. Don’t forget pantry items. Organize spices, baking staples and cans. Throw out old spices, donate canned food you won’t get to before moving and make your pantry cabinets look like there is a lot of space.


If you have a larger pantry or deeper cabinet, store small appliances away there. Is it a pain to get your toaster and coffee maker out and put it away each morning? Yes, but leaving them out on the counter means your counters look crowded.

Pots and pans can be tricky

If you have a pot rack, don’t put every pot out on it. Pack up the ones you don’t need and leave a few hanging. All of them out can look cluttered and be distracting to buyers. If you have a dedicated cabinet for pots and pans, either a lazy susan or pull out cabinet, make sure that handles don’t impede how they spin or slide.

Organize your kitchen drawers

Go through all your kitchen drawers and clean them out as well. Organize silverware and be sure that drawers with knives have a way to keep blades safe. If you have a nice knife block, use it, unless it makes your counters look cluttered. Instead of a cluttered utensil drawer, try using a crock to hold the utensils you use the most, freeing up drawer space for the less used items. The drawer will look more organized and the crock can be a decorative accent.

Don’t forget that ever present “junk drawer.”

Go through it and sort items into categories. Throw out old or odd items that you don’t need, like or know what it actually is (yes, we all have those things!) Then use an office supply organizer or silverware organizer to put things away in the drawer.

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