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Do you trust your tenants? It’s a valid question. Do you trust that they aren’t damaging your property? How would you know anyway? If you use a professional property management company, property inspections should be part of the service you are paying them to perform.

Property Inspections | Professional Property Management TipsDoes your property management company do regular inspections of your property? Better yet, do you know that even the best tenants damage your property? A bad one can destroy every ounce of equity you have in it in a very short time. Don’t assume because you haven’t heard anything from your tenants, good or bad, that things are hunky-dory. Make sure there are regular inspections being done.

Regular inspections can mean that small problems don’t become big ones. Even just routine maintenance needs to be done and can be part of the routine inspection. It’s also a very effective way to deter bad behavior in your tenants. Your property management company should do inspections:

At move in which includes digital photos and in the company of the tenant.
Inspections at least annually, but preferably every six months or every quarter. Go in with a checklist that includes checking all appliances, locks, changes filters, checks furnace and A/C, water heater, smoke detector, electrical, plumbing and lease violations like pets or extra tenants not on the lease.

Exterior inspections should be done monthly. These can be drive by inspections. Look for extra vehicles that are regularly there but shouldn’t be. Pets in the yard, trash or other red flags that the property may not in the best care.

Always ask for copies of each inspection report. If you have specific concerns, don’t be afraid to ask the management company to make a last minute inspection, but in keeping with the lease notice requirements.

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