Property Management Thornton, Denver CO – It’s all about the DRIVE!

Property Management in Thornton, Denver CO is about having someone in your corner! With Denver Realty and Rentals you get more than business as usual, you get DRIVE! Give us a call today…303-452-5853

So what makes a great Property Management Company?

Connections – A good PM company has a wide range of contractors at their disposal to help should any calamities come up (or even day-to-day wear and tear). I have to say that we have a great group of trades assembled and have negoitated great pricing for our property management peeps!

Pictures – We have a professional photographer come out and take pictures of EVERY home we list! With the internet being the way it is, it is vital to have rock star pictures of your property!

Advertising – What comes next is what makes the magic happen! With our great pictures and connections, we advertise your rental property to widest range of potential renters, allowing you to pick and choose who to rent to! We are not just scraping the bottom of the barrel to get you a tenant, we are choosing from a wide range of qualified prospects.

Collecting Rents – This is a BIGGIE! Stop chasing late tenants. We are EXTREMELY courteous to your renters, BUT know the problems that arise when rents slip. With that in mind, we have an aggressive policy in place and a hands on approach to making sure your rents are paid, in full and on time!

Drive – This is the one from the video and cannot be overlooked. Tena D is a native with many years of experience in the Denver real estate market, a rental property investor herself and has a large number of properties under management currently (we would give you a figure, but honestly, it is going up every day and we don’t want to have to keep updating the post!)

If you have rental property in the Thornton, Denver CO area and are looking for a GREAT property management company, give us a call today!!! 303-452-5853


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