Property Management Tips – How to Screen Out “Looky-Loos”

Property management tips about “Looky Loos” are important to review because not only is security of your current renters involved but also the property manager’s time.

Property Management Tips - How to Screen Out "Looky-Loos"When you have a property for rent, all kinds of people are coming to look. So how can you be sure that you are showing the property to people who are serious about renting it? Screen out the “Looky-Loos” who just want to look around ahead of time. So real estate investors and owners, listen up and use the tips here to better manage your time.

Properties for rent are shown just like properties for sale are; to people interested in living in them. However, some of them aren’t really interested in renting or buying. Some just want to look around. These are the “Looky – Loos”. Many apartments or homes are still occupied, which makes them a target for possible theft. So make sure that those looking are serious about renting the property you are showing to them. So how can you be sure? Screen the interested.

Screening is often done by property managers and realtors who are showing properties for rent, especially high end properties for rent, so that only those able to actually to afford it, and are serious about doing so are taking up the busy schedule of the realtor or property manager. It makes sense to do screening for all of your properties for rent. The time of the property owner or Management Company is precious, and the need for security for those living there is just as important. Screening is a process that should be put in place in order to ensure that those looking don’t have ulterior motives or are just “Looky-Loos”.

So what should you find out before showing a property? First have them fill out an application that includes current employment and employment history, financial information, and references. Also ask for a rental history or if they owned their last home and why they are now renting. All of this is information they would have to provide if they really want to rent, so if it was just a “Looky-Loo”, someone wanting to look around, or who had other motives in mind, they will head in the other direction.

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