Property Management Tips – How to Use Pinterest for Property Management

Pinterest seems to be the new big thing, and more and more businesses are getting in on it. So should your property management company be using Pinterest for property management? Yes, they sure should be!

Property Management Tips - How to Use Pinterest for Property ManagementPinterest is a website that allows the user to organize and share all sorts of things they find on the internet. It’s kind of like a virtual bulletin board. Each user can have multiple boards, and each board can be about different subjects. For instance, they can have one for recipes, another for home decorating ideas, one for clothing they like, or one for vacation spots they want to visit.

The sky’s the limit because the board subject is what the user wants it to be. Even better, you can peruse the pinboards that other users have set up for even more ideas. It’s a great way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

So how can Pinterest work for a property management company?

First, they can use it to promote properties and communities. Create a pinboard for each one.

Then make categories by interests, such as…

  • an interior design idea for each room of the home
  • fitness emphasizing healthy living and recipes
  • a resource pinboard for new residents that includes local shopping, links to community rules and other information they might need
  • an organizational pinboard to help with home storage
  • a board for local restaurants post their menus and contact information
  • a local coupons and deals board can help all residents
  • a community events board can be a place where past and future events are highlighted

Your property management company could even have a Pinterest contest such as a scavenger hunt to find all of the items located on a contest board where they are sending potential renters to different properties. The ways to use it are endless.

One thing you need to watch is that they don’t make the board “salesy” and push the rentals. Yes, showcase the communities, but use the above ideas or others to show how amazing it would be to live there. Showcasing community events, local businesses and so forth, potential tenants will see that your properties are the place to live.

Having a property management company that is good at social media is vital in today’s always on world! If you are looking for a great Colorado Property Management company, give us a call today!

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