Property Management Tips – Staging Your Rental to “Sell”

You often hear about staging your home when you want to sell it, but what about staging to rent? If you want to get good monthly rental, staging is key. If you manage a property, or just do it yourself, here are some property management tips to stage your rental right.

First, make sure that the outside of the property has good curb appeal. First impressions are best so make it count. Power wash siding and walks, make sure the house number is visible, plant flowers, weed and mow lawns. Make your porch or front door inviting. Replace burned out lights and repaint if necessary.

Property Management Tips - Staging Your Rental to "Sell"  Another good property management tip is clean and declutter the house. Everything in the house should gleam. From shining floors and gleaming windows to clean counters and scrubbed grout. Use offsite storage to declutter. Clean and clear surfaces, floors, cupboards and closets equal more space in the eyes of potential renters.

Make the style clean and modern. It might not be your style, but the less it says “you” the easier it will be to rent. It’s about appealing to others, so make the space less personal. It doesn’t have to look sparse and empty, just spacious and impersonal. Here is an important property management tip, don’t forget to clean out closets! Closet space is a deal breaker for many people, so making closets look big will help a lot!

Stage your rental by rearranging your furniture to make rooms look larger and cozy. Remove extra pieces that make the space look too busy, then arrange the rest to have inviting areas to converse and relax. Staging your rental means furniture and wall colors should be neutral. This is in every room from kitchen to bath to bedrooms. Bold colors can be a turn off, especially in a rental. Neutral works with more color palettes, so it makes it easier for people to envision their own things in the space.

Make sure each room has a purpose. Extra bedrooms can be set up as guest rooms or office space, but don’t let them be seen as “junk rooms.” Also remember that rooms should look “spa” perfect. Soaps and bathrobes should be clean and look new. Garbage should always be emptied, towels and bedding spotless, and beds made.

Staging your rental to “sell” will mean that your tenants will be impressed enough to pay top rents and stay.

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