Property Management

Denver Realty and Rentals specializes in helping you with all your property management needs. We offer property management services in Denver, Broomfield, Westminster, Ft. Collins, Longmont, Lafayette, North Glenn, Louisville and Thornton.

Is your rental property (properties) driving you NUTS? Are you thinking of dumping them because they are more hassle than you perceive they are worth? STOP right there!

Your rental properties are worth more than you know and can become a source of revenue instead of a headache. Hiring the right property management company with a team of people to help can be your best investment of time and money.

Rental Property Expertise

We have the knowledge and expertise to get your rentals under control. We will get you access to experienced and affordable tradespeople who can work on your properties. Once they are in great shape, and the right rent is being charged, you will find that the management is usually FREE. Yes I said free!

Often owners are not intimately aware of rental rates. What the condition needs are for today’s tenant and how to retain great tenants or “recycle” ones that are not ok.

When you hire a property management company that has a group of rentals they manage, you assure that statements go out on a monthly basis and achieve a track record of success (ie rents are received on time!) Rental properties look great and you can get great renters. The tenants contact the property management company freely and easily (you want tenants to be in contact with your PM!)

Property Management Services

Great property management services involve a broad number of tasks. Here are just a few of the items that we take care of when you hire us to take care of your rental properties:

  • Check rental rates in your area
  • Prepare the home to be rented (spotless, either the owner or my team will do this for a fee)
  • Advertising provided at no additional fee
  • Professional pics
  • Vet the tenant
  • Show the property
  • Take all the phone calls
  • Owner is protected and unknown to the tenant
  • Make sure the tenant can enjoy quiet habitability of  home
  • Fair housing! if not practiced, fast path to lawsuit (these are FEDERAL laws)
  • Move in, move out checking and cleaning
  • 24 hour answering for emergency
  • We work for owners and are fair to tenants
  • No partial rents taken
  • When rent is not received, eviction process is immediately in play

If you would like to find out more about our Property Management Services, give us a call today! 303-489-9737