Relocating Before The School Year

School. If you have kids and you are looking to purchase a home, you probably want to do it before the school year starts. Is it wise to relocate before the school year or is it better to do so during the school year? There are pros and cons to each.

Relocating Before The School YearIf you have to move and don’t have a choice, then the consideration of moving before or during the school year is moot. But if you have the time to decide when to purchase a home, you need to consider a few things about moving and schools. Of course you know your child or children and how the following will or won’t apply to them.

There are pros to relocating mid-year. One, your child gets to stay social by being in school right away and have a few more opportunities to make friends right away. He or she also will have a teacher to smooth the way to making new friends. He or she will also have a set schedule right away and not have time to dwell on what was left behind. However, you may find that some of those pros will backfire. Not having time to adjust to a new home and neighborhood before throwing a child into a situation with kids they don’t know can set them up for being bullied.

Another problem with relocating mid-year? The inevitable differences in curriculum from one school to another. Your child will either find themselves behind a new class of kids, or way ahead. They will either struggle to catch up, or be bored waiting for the other kids to catch up to them. Perception from the kids in their class could mean your child is viewed as “dumb” or “too smart.” Not good if they are trying to fit in and make friends.

Purchase a home during the summer break and it will give your child the chance to get familiar with their new neighborhood, make a few friends there and process the move before throwing school into the mix. Those new friends can be a good buffer once school starts. You know your kids, and if you think that relocating before school starts is the best idea, then listing your home and starting to look for your new one is something you should do now. Call your Realtor today.

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