Selling Fast – 4 Tips For Great Real Estate Photography

Want to sell your home fast? Getting and using really great photographs in your listing is one way to make sure you make a great first impression and get the attention it takes to find the right buyer for your home. So how do you do that? Short of hiring a professional photographer, why not use some of their secrets to get your own great shots.

Selling Fast - 4 Tips For Great Real Estate PhotographyFigure out what is good about good photos by looking for great photos and see what is so good about them. Look at other listings that catch your eye and see how the photos look and are shot. Look at angles, things that are included in and excluded from those photos. Try and duplicate some of them in your home.

Staging is incredibly important

Making a room look as large as possible, as clutter free as possible and as depersonalized as possible is important. Look at decorating magazines, HGTV and similar sources to get ideas on home staging. Think of it as creating curb appeal for the interior of your home. Since many prospective buyers will get that first impression from your photos, as opposed to one from seeing your home in person, exterior first, “curb” appeal means grabbing their attention with a well staged interior.

You will take exterior shots as well, so spruce up outside as well. For the interior, turn on lights, open curtains, minimize clutter and hide cords. In the bath, remove the trashcan, toilet paper, toothbrushes and items on the counter.

Don’t photoshop problems

Don’t do things like photoshop out or in problems in pictures. If you “fix” things like brushing out minor imperfections on a wall or tub, or “greening” out the brown spots your dog caused on the lawn, prospective buyers will remember when they come and look in person and see those issues. It’s deceptive, so don’t do it. Also be sure to take a lot of photos. You don’t have to use them all, but you will have a lot more to choose from.

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