Should You Buy A House In Denver or Boulder?|Denver Boulder Relocation

You are relocating to Colorado and have narrowed your choices to Denver or Boulder. But you can’t decide which place is best for you. So let’s look at each.


Denver is a big city. It has all the amenities that city life affords. There’s public transportation for Should You Buy A House In Denver Or Boulderthose who don’t want to drive anywhere. If you want night life, there is nightlife to be had. Plenty of dining, theater, arts and sports. Denver is the home of the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, the Denver Art Museum and other venues that cater to the very active pop, jazz, jam, folk, and classical music scene. Neighborhoods like LoDo are filled with art galleries, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Restaurants, bars and clubs

The restaurants, bars and clubs also have plenty of the local beers that Denver has become known for, since it’s home to small and large breweries like Coors and New Belgium Brewing Company. It’s also home to the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Avalanche and Colorado Rapids. Plenty of sports teams for the sports fan in you. And then there’s the mountains for the active. The proximity to the Rockies mean you can hike, bike, kayak and camp.


Boulder, on the other hand, is less urban. It’s a larger town but has a small time feel. The University of Colorado has a campus in Boulder. It’s a half an hour from Denver giving close access to all of the big city amenities, but manages to keep its outdoorsy, laid back feel.

Running, hiking and biking

The area has great running, hiking and biking trails and a population that encourages a healthy lifestyle. The housing is more structured and controlled, meaning homes are spaced well and urban sprawl is not a common occurrence.

So see how it fits for you and get on the way there. Colorado life, something for everyone.

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