Should You Pack Up Your House When Selling?

You know you’ll have to live in your home while it’s on the market, so should you pack up your house now? You’ve decided to follow your Realtor’s advice and declutter and clean your home but does that mean packing it all up?

It’s a yes and no proposition

Yes, as you declutter, pack up those extras and store them in preparation to move. That’s easy. Should You Pack Up Your House When Selling?The hard part is cleaning out the “out of sight” areas like drawers, cupboards, closets and so on. That takes time and consideration. Pack it? Toss it? With the chance that your Realtor will call at the last minute and say “I’m coming over with a prospective buyer and know that you have to get out quickly, leaving a pristinely clean home behind, doing that kind of “pull it all out and go through it” isn’t usually what you want to get in the middle of. But if you must, mostly because you know that prospective buyer is going to open drawers and cupboards and closets, try to do it like this.

Start with small areas

First, pick small areas you can do in a shorter amount of time. Say, the kitchen junk drawer. Now start your cleaning session after dinner. This is the time when showings are less likely to happen, but early enough you can get it done by bedtime.

Make three piles, keep, toss and maybe. Anything in the maybe pile that needs more than a few minutes attention to decide, set aside in a box to look at after you finish the clean out. Toss or donate the junk. Pack up the keepers, and put the maybes back in the drawer for later. Make sure you haven’t left anything out that needs to be put away for the next day’s showings.

Doing one per night means that you’ve packed or tossed out most of what you need to, and when actually getting ready to pack and move, you can tackle the maybes again.

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