Spring Cleaning Tips For Colorado Homes

Spring has sprung and it’s time to do a good spring cleaning for your Colorado home. There are some things you can do to make spring cleaning easier.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Colorado HomesFirst things first, make it fun. Put on your favorite upbeat music to help you keep moving. Don’t be all over the place and make sure to work one room at a time.

If you don’t you may get distracted or miss things. Start in one room, then move onto the next once one is finished. That way you know you accomplished something instead of doing a lot of work and not seeing much for it.

Declutter! Less clutter feels lighter and looks cleaner. Look at what you have stored in or displayed in each room and if it’s not an “I’ll just die without this” item, sell it or give it to charity. If you can’t part with it, think about storing excess items away.

Memories You don’t have to display every single sentimental thing you own. Let your kids go through their toys and thin out the toy box. Use it as a teaching moment by letting them take their used (but in good condition) toys to a homeless shelter or children’s hospital. Make sure to declutter every room including the kitchen and baths.

Systems While cleaning work the room methodically. Work around the room in one direction, either left or right. That way you know what you finished and don’t waste time criss-crossing a room or clean the same spot twice (or not at all!) Have a spot in the room to put things that need to go into other parts of the home. Make a pile to disperse after you finish the room.

Don’t forget outside! Early spring is a good time to plant. Declutter and clean up the debris from fall and winter, pull and replace dead plants that didn’t survive. Fix fencing that may have been damaged. Clean and spruce up decking and outdoor furniture. Try to do some container gardening on the deck. Spring is also a good time to inspect your roof and gutters. Clean them, or have them cleaned, as well.

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