Summerizing Your Home

Spring, then summer is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready for summer. Summerizing, unlike winterizing, gets Summerizing Your Homeyour home open and aired out and ready for sun and fun. Some things, like reversing what you did to winterize are necessary to be able to use your property if it was closed up over the winter. Others just make it airy and light and open. Here are some suggestions.

It’s time to open things up. Open windows and let fresh air in. Pick up a house plant or two. They brighten the space and also help filter your inside air. Some are better than others. Look for plants like snake plants, spider plants, English ivy, and small-leafed rubber plants. Change out storm windows for screens in windows and doors. Using screens and fresh air means that your home has an open feel. You might not be able to get too far into the summer without turning on the AC, but enjoy it when you can. Think about ceiling fans. Sometimes just moving the air around is all you need, not AC.

Freshen up the inside too. Guest rooms are a good start. Summer is a time when people travel and visit. Provide your guests with lighter sheets and blankets. Fluff pillows and duvets, place new fluffy towels out. Open closet doors to air out the closet too. Then move onto your room. Lighten up your linens too. Swap out flannel or jersey knit sheets for lighter cotton. Fluff your duvet and pillows. Choose lighter colors and switch out heavy comforters to lighter coverlets.

Some other updates to freshen up your home: SPF your windows by installing a reflective film, sunscreen-fabric curtains, or roller shades. These will help keep the sun from heating up your home and making your AC inefficient. Clear old logs out of your fireplace and wash out the ash. Then place a few green houseplants in its place. It will “summer up” the place. One systemic thing to do is to be sure to clean the refrigerator coils, and dust underneath and behind it.

Out on the deck or porch; get your grill and outside furniture ready for outdoor entertaining. Scrub out the grill and, if it’s a gas grill, get a new propane bottle. Rinse off your patio furniture, and refresh them with new cushions. Create a romantic space with some curtains around a corner of the deck or porch.

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