The Top Reasons Your House Didn’t Sell

Uh oh… your home didn’t sell. Now you want to know why. Here are the top reasons why it may have been doomed not to sell, and how you can fix the problems to get a successful sale.

The Top Reasons Your House Didn't SellYour asking price was too high. Did you get few or no interest? How many people looked and never came back? Did you hear any comments about the price of your home? There are a few things you can do to change the pricing problem. Update a few things to justify the higher price. Take the home off the market and wait for it to improve enough to support the higher price. Lastly, you can adjust your attitude about what you home is really worth. Without doubt this is one of the top reasons your house didn’t sell.

Next problem, your home needs some sprucing up. It doesn’t mean you have to make expensive fixes. Unless you roof is leaking and your bathroom looks like something out of a horror movie, doing inexpensive fixes like new paint and caulking the bath or kitchen can be all you need to make things look like new. Now what if your home isn’t run down, but appears to be. Let’s say you had a leaking roof 10 years ago but you never repainted the ceilings to remove the water stains. There is no longer a problem but it looks like there is, so paint the ceiling and make the issues go away.

Another side of that coin is if there is a very big issue that needs fixing. Big would mean a new roof, kitchen or bath or serious systematic issues (heat, plumbing or electrical). Your home won’t sell unless you either 1) fix the issue; 2) offer a credit to a buyer to offset the issue; or 3) reduce the price so low that a buyer thinks the bargain is worth the hassle. Some issues can’t be fixed. Things like foundation issues or location, and that will mean either you won’t sell no matter what or you’ll have to drop your price significantly.

Failure to stage your home is another top reason your house didn’t sell. This mean you didn’t declutter, and depersonalize your home. Buyer’s either can’t see past the clutter, or can’t picture themselves in your home because it looks like YOUR home. Very simply, listen to your Realtor, clean it out and pack it up.

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