Three Things You MUST Do Before You List Your Home For Sale

Three Things You MUST Do Before You List Your Home For SaleIt’s time. Your house is either too big or too small. Time to sell and move. There are a few things you need to, no, MUST do, before you list your home for sale. Get it ready, price it right and know where you’re headed.

First thing is to get your home show ready

You need to spend some time doing a thorough cleaning. Pack up items you don’t need and declutter. Clean every room, ceiling to floor. Once clean check for things to repair. You may need to repaint, or want to if your current d├ęcor is less than favorable to most buyers. Fix minor things like holes from nails and get each room looking ship shape. Steam clean carpets and if they are beyond cleaning, replace them. A buyer is going to ask for an allowance to do the same, so better to do it now.

Price it right

Next, work with your Realtor to come up with a fair market price. It can be tricky to do, so keep your head on. Fair market value isn’t what YOU think it’s worth. It isn’t what your neighbor sold his house for last year. It isn’t what your other neighbor listed his home for last week. It isn’t even what you paid for it. Fair market value is determined by finding comparable homes and seeing what the market allowed them to be purchased for.

Lastly, know where you’re going

That means you need to be house hunting as well. Knowing where you’re going, and what it will cost, is important. Not for pricing your home, but so you know where you stand later in negotiations. You’ll know what kind of concessions you can or can’t make. You also don’t want to be left homeless! Whether you sell fast or not, knowing where you will end up is a smart plan.

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