Tips For Making Your Real Estate Investments More Green

If someone asked you about whether you had considered going green with your real estate investments, what would you say? There are a lot of ways to go green for not a lot of money. Here are some ideas.

Property updates that are green:

There are several ways you can go green with your properties and make updates Tips For Making Your Real Estate Investments More Greenthat will keep your tenants happy. How? Well, start with more energy efficient windows and doors. Not only will they improve security for your tenants, but they will also lower their energy bills. Adding insulation will do the same thing. Lower energy bills is a win for everyone!

Other property updates

Low flow toilets and shower heads. They used to be lame, but today’s versions are just as powerful as regular ones, but save water. Lower water bills will also be a good benefit for everyone. Don’t forget to update appliances with more energy efficient ones. That will be a definite win for the tenants!

Paperless invoicing:

Here’s a way to go green without spending any money – paperless invoicing and rent collection. Encouraging your tenants to pay electronically, saves paper and means you will get your rent automatically each month on time.

Going green is a good idea for your investment properties it’s also smart, will save you money and keep your tenants happy. Try it today!

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