To Sell Your Home What Repairs Do You HAVE to Make?

You want to sell your home, but you really don’t want to put a lot of money into it. What, exactly, should you do to repair your home before listing it? What repairs do you have to make to get your home sold?

To Sell Your Home What Repairs Do You HAVE to Make?Some fixes are easy, and others aren’t. Which ones must be done? Well, the easy and inexpensive ones should be top of your list. Things like sprucing up the paint in the house. A fresh coat of neutral paint will make a room look larger and newer. Buyers love that. But other fixes aren’t so quick or easy, and many may be the reason why you are selling. So which of those really need to be done?

The first rule of thumb is if it involves something that could harm someone you must fix it. Electrical issues must be fixed. If your home could burn down because of it, fix it. Repair your home when any of those issues are present. It’s the right thing to do.

Other things that could easily be hidden, well that gets stickier. Here’s why. If the buyer asks you about a potential problem, you have to tell them. It’s called disclosure. If you know about it, and they ask, you are required by law to tell them. So ask yourself, do you really want to disclose the problems, or fix them?

Here’s another thought. Repairing your home may cost you now, but make you more money down the line. Fixing it may mean a higher sales price. Think about it, when you were looking at homes, didn’t “new” or “recently updated” make you feel more positive about a property?

Another thing to think about when you sell your home is would the problem you are not fixing be found in a home inspection? If so, you’ll probably be required to fix it, and take a hit in your sales price to do it. That means less money in the sale AND having to fix the issue. It just makes more sense to do it before you list.

Make your life easier, repair your home and get your home sold. Then take those repairs right to the bank!

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