Undesirable Tenants or Just Good Business

When you think of the best tenants, people in certain lines of work or in certain situations don’t come to mind, like dispensary owners or trust fund kids. But before you just write someone off as an undesirable tenant, as a landlord, think good business instead.

Undesirable Tenants or Just Good Business  As all Colorado residents know, marijuana is now legal. People who now legally sell it do so from a dispensary. Whether you have a commercial property that you want to rent, or a residential, not renting to a dispensary owner is probably bad business. Regardless of your personal feelings about whether it should be legal or not, it is. That may mean that those who frequently use pot will be coming in and out of the actual dispensary and possibly out of the dispensary owner’s residence as well. As long as the dispensary owner isn’t selling where he or she legally shouldn’t, then they could be a good tenant. If the dispensary iis in a residential place, you can enforce rules about what you will allow in your property. The dispensary owners are also making a good deal of money, so that also means that rent will be paid.

Unemployed trust fund kids… well you may be picturing non stop parties and a trashed house. That could be the case, and if you really think so you can, as the landlord, protect yourself with getting a large security deposit to be held against damage. Also take extensive pictures of the property before they take possession. But, again, there is a guaranty of payment of the rent with trust fund kids.

As a landlord treat these prospective tenants as you would any other. Background and credit check them. Make rules for your property, within the law, and then remember that sometimes business should win out over personal feelings about a “type” of person.

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