What Color Should You Paint Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of most homes. Choosing a color for your kitchen will help set the mood for your home daily. So, what colors should you choose to paint your kitchen? Well, that depends on quite a few things.

What Color Should You Paint Your KitchenStart with what colors there are in the things you can’t easily change in your kitchen. Thinks like tile, counter colors or flooring colors or choices. Finding colors that complement them is a good idea. Unless you are ready to change everything, then you can start with a fresh slate. In that case consider things like the size of your kitchen. If it is small you might want to use lighter colors or white. It will make the space seem bigger. A large kitchen has enough space that bold or dark colors can be chosen without making the room feel small. Neutral colors or earth tones are also a good choice because you can change appliances without having to repaint.

If you want to use color to set a mood, try these suggestions. Cheerful colors are reds. They are warm and passionate. Oranges and yellows are as well. Yellows are also considered friendly and sunny. With all these colors don’t go overboard. Use different tones, or accent walls with them.

If you want to go with more calming colors to paint your kitchen, think blues. Blues have many tones and shades and can go from bold sapphires to calming pale cornflower blues. Blue also complements yellow, and can be a great way to “settle out” an overwhelmingly cheerful yellow kitchen. Greens also are calming, but also can make the room feel refreshed. From vibrant emerald or pine greens to beautiful sea foam greens, it is also another great way to tone down an orange or yellow.

Your choice of color for your kitchen comes as much from your personal taste as the style of your home. Try out a few from paint store testers and see what works, but always make your kitchen color set the mood for your home and family.

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