What Do You “Have” To Leave When You Sell Your Home

You are selling your home and are wondering what you can and can’t take with you. Should you be able to take all the things you added to your home? The answer is no. There are certain things that you need to leave behind, or replace, when selling your home and they are referred to as fixtures.


What Do You "Have" To Leave When You Sell Your HomeIn real estate law fixtures are pieces of personal property that have been attached to the property so that they become thought of as part of the property.

Typical examples of this are heating and air conditioning systems, built-ins, flooring, tubs, sinks, etc. The basic rule of thumb is will taking this out of the home damage it.

Sounds straightforward, right?

What about wall hung tvs?

Well, not so fast. Some buyers expect that short of furniture, everything is a fixture and conveys with the property. That means all appliances, curtains, lighting, ceiling fans, and even televisions that are attached to the wall. Now you know that some of these things aren’t for sale with the home, but does the rule of “removal causes damage” mean you have to leave your 55-inch flat screen behind? Or that family heirloom bookcase that you have screwed to the wall in the study?

The answer is yes and no

You should plan to leave curtains, ceiling fans and light fixtures behind. As for that heirloom bookcase, remove it and replace it with something you can leave behind before you put the home on the market.

Specify in your listing what appliances are staying or not, and if possible replace them with others that you will leave behind. Typically, kitchen appliances are expected to stay, others can be negotiated.

Fix any damage

As for your flat screen, be unequivocal that it is going, remove it and fix any wall damage prior to the final walk through. Be completely up front with the buyer about items that are staying or not, be willing to fix any damage and you will be set to settle without any drama!

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