What Does A Property Management Company Do?

As a Colorado Property Management Company, we get asked frequently, EXACTLY what we do and why it matters so much to have a great property management company if you are going to be a real estate investor.

What Does A Property Management Company Do?Let’s start with some great information from Robert Kiyosaki about what property managers add to your real estate investment portfolio and why having a good one can keep you sane:

“Because I too do not want to fix toilets. I shop hard for a property manager who does fix toilets. And by finding a great property manager who runs houses or apartments, well, my cash flow goes up. But more importantly a great property manager allows me to buy a lot more real estate since I don’t have to fix toilets. A great property manager is key to success in real estate.”

from the author of the best selling real estate investing book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Well, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Our job as property managers is to act as go between. We work with you and your tenants and property maintenance, making everything go smoothly and letting you focus on finding more opportunities to make your money work FOR you, instead of you working FOR your money!

Your Property Manager and Owning Investment Property

Owning investment property does not have to be late night calls, broken furnaces and upset tenants. One of the key things to effectively owning investment property is routine care and maintenance. Many of these late night problems can be headed off with some attention to the property as you go along.

A good investment property management company will help you to maintain your property, avoiding costly, middle of the night, weekend or holiday calls. They have a stable of professionals who they contract with to get you the best pricing and service on non-peek hours.

Your property management company should have 24 hour call monitoring so that they can intercept those late night and weekend hassles for you. If you don’t use one, remember the rule…the further you are from a phone or internet the bigger the problem will be!

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