What is a Boutique Real Estate Agency?

You’re thinking of selling your home and with it comes the choice: do I list with the biggest real estate company in the area, or do I go with a smaller “boutique” real estate agency? It is a big decision. A large company may have the name recognition, but you will be just another address. It surprises some people to know, a boutique agency will not cost you a dime more, but you will have great service.

What is a Boutique Real Estate Agency?Boutique real estate agencies are high service firms. They have historically outperformed large real estate companies. They have a smaller clientele, but make up for by providing impeccable service. The fact that they don’t look like a big agency (think Remax or Century 21) should not keep you from considering them. Over 50% of all commercial, industrial and investment real estate transactions involve an independent Realtor. With that kind of record of success, why wouldn’t you want to let them help you?

What some Realtors have found is this; large residential firms provide great training and experience selling homes to families. Commercial firms offer great training and experience in selling commercial properties. But they don’t crossover. So if you need one or the other, you know where to go, but what if you are a homeowner looking for an investment property? This is a perfect example of a situation where a boutique firm is really your answer. They have experience with everything, because turning away business would mean less in commissions. Who wants to do that?

A boutique firm will give you, as buyer or seller, the attention that you need. They will be there to hold your hand, answer all your questions, make you feel that your business means more to them than an address on an MLS listing. A boutique firm will give you great service.

So try the boutique real estate firm. Let them show you how they do a better job, treat you well, give you great service and get you the best price possible for your property.

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