Why Aeration Matters In Colorado

Aeration matters in Colorado because soil in Colorado has its problems. With a dry climate and less vegetation, finding a natural source of rich topsoil is hard to do. Rainfall is important in helping organic matter decompose into topsoil. Heavy vegetation helps it not erode, or in Colorado’s case blow away in the wind. So if you have decent soil, how can you keep it that way? Aeration, done a minimum of every two years.

Why Aeration Matters In Colorado So why aerate soil? There are several reasons. First, your plants will grow better. Aeration supplies plant roots with oxygen and helps in the removal of CO2 from the soil. If there is inadequate oxygen plants become unhealthy or die, due to too much CO2 inhibiting root growth. Underdeveloped roots mean the plant can’t take in enough water and nutrients to survive.

Another reason that aeration is necessary is to encourage microorganism population and activity. Microorganisms in the soil are essential for the decomposition of organic matter, nitrification, and so forth. Each of these depend on oxygen to be present in the soil. Without decomposition, soil becomes tired and nutrient deficient. That means your plants have nothing to feed on. The microorganisms also need oxygen to survive.

Aeration removes toxic materials. Without it toxins such as ferrous oxide, H2S gas, CO2 gas and other toxins build up in the soil. Those toxins will kill your plants, as well as killing the microorganisms in the soil.

Aeration is necessary for water and nutrient absorption. Without oxygen, things die. Lack of oxygen inhibits water and nutrient absorption. Aeration allows adequate oxygen to get to lower layers of soil, helping plants stay healthy and soil to remain nutrient rich.

Without adequate aeration, plants become diseased. Aeration allows toxins to escape the soil. Toxins like too much CO2, ferrous sulfate and others, if allowed to build up in the soil will kill your plants.

Aerate your soil at least once every two years. Your plants will thank you!

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