Why Having Great Real Estate Photos Matters So Much

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Having great real estate photos are a must anymore! There was a time when the photo on your listing really didn’t make a whole lot of difference. Those days are gone. Before people would do a drive by and get their first impression. Today people look online and bad pictures are a huge turn off.

Denver homebuyers are using the internet

Why Having Great Real Estate Photos Matters So MuchA survey by a Realtors association found that 83 percent of buyers consider photos very useful, and with a lot to choose from, presenting your property in the best light possible to get those first impressions is crucial.

This makes sense when 90 percent of buyers are using the internet to jump start their process. They judge your home by the photos they see. Making them great is important. Not only should they be professional, or professional looking, but there should be a lot of them showing your home from every angle, inside and out.

You know why else good pictures matter?

As a Realtor your reputation is on the line and out on display. Those who provide excellent photographs shows that he or she takes pride in his or her business. That means listings in the future. Other Realtors are also more inclined to show properties that have quality photos in their listings. Again, it goes back to professionalism and reputation.

If you’re having an open house you need to have Realtors come and view the property so they can bring buyers to your door. Great photos are a necessity to bring in the kind of professional Realtor who will bring qualified buyers to you.

So why take the chance by just winging it with cell phone pictures? Isn’t your reputation and bank account worth more than that?

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