Why is Denver so Pedestrian Unfriendly

Denver has a very health conscious population. It would make you think that it is a great place to do healthy things like walk around the city, right? Well, not really.

Denver is actually one of the worst ranked cities when it comes to walkability. Urban planners are trying to fix the problem and to do that they are looking at organizations who track walking.

Poor planning

Why is Denver so Pedestrian UnfriendlyGetting around Denver on foot being problematic comes down to poor planning. The city grew in ways that didn’t take pedestrians into consideration. In order to correct the problems that the poor planning caused, data about where the problems exist is needed.

Architect and urban planner

In Denver that means two people: Gosia Kung, a Denver based architect and urban planner; and Jonathon Stalls, founder of Walk2Connect and walker of the United States. He completed a 3030 mile walk across the states in 2010. Kung is an advocate for a pedestrian-friendly environment and founded WalkDenver.

WalkDenver launched an app called WALKscope. The app allows users to collect data about where sidewalks and how safe intersections are found. The app data will then give urban planners the information they need to plan out fixes for unsafe walking areas.

Denver needs to bring their pedestrian friendliness up to the level of the rest of their health consciousness. Urban planners like Kung and activists like Stalls can make it happen.

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