Why Summer is the Best Time to Sell

Some people say that summer isn’t the best time to sell your home, but for reasons you will see, they may just be wrong. Summer can be a great time to sell and here’s why.

They naysayers will say summer is a terrible time to sell your home because people are going on vacation, kids are out of school and other summer activities are a distraction from the home selling/buying process. But, these can actually Why Summer is the Best Time to Sellbe things that work in your favor when selling. Yes, people go on vacation, but not for weeks at a time. And if you go on vacation, your realtor will have unfettered access to your home to show it, no awkward appointment times! If you live in an area where people vacation, what better time can there be to show them how awesome it would be to have a vacation property?

Kids out of school? Sure they are, and while that means that there may be parents bringing kids on house tours, it also means that you can show them how family friendly your home can be. Another “kids out of school” thought pattern for parents? Getting a home bought and the kids settled into a neighborhood before school starts. That will give the kids time to make new friends over the remaining summer months before school starts. Thoughtful parents also know that moving kids during the summer break means that their child’s education isn’t disrupted. Don’t buy into the kids and summer myth. When thinking educationally, summer is the best time to move.

Those pesky summer activities? Well, they can be used to showcase the great amenities of your home. Your landscaping is in full summer bloom. Just make sure to water it! You want the grass to be green and mowed, flowers to be blooming, not dying! If you have a great outdoor space for entertaining, play it up! It is lighter outside later, so show your deck or patio at its best. If need be get new outdoor furniture or update cushions to make what you have look spruced up. Make sure your grill is out and decorate tables with placemats, colorful outdoor table settings and mats. Have some cold drinks and summery treats placed out for those touring your home in the outdoor areas.

Summer is a great time to sell. Just be smart about how you show your home and get ready to move!

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