Why Using Programmable Technology Can Help with Utility Costs

There are many ways we can cut utility costs for our Denver property management customers, but our favorites are the “set it and forget it” kind!

Why Using Programmable Technology Can Help with Utility CostsProgrammable thermostats are a great solution to help save money. Smart irrigation systems are a new way to keep landscaping healthy while saving water. With costs on everything from utilities and food, saving money in one area is something everyone can use. Plus conserving energy helps keep everyone green.

Programmable thermostats are also called “smart” thermostats. This is because they can be programmed to turn on or off, drop a temperature or warm up the home at a specific time. The homeowner or tenant would simply set a desired temperature, and then program the unit to raise or lower the temperature upon return. This can help save money and energy while providing a comfortable living space.

Many programmable thermostats also allow users to control home temperatures remotely, using a smart phone or computer. This is helpful in emergency situations, such as children coming home earlier than expected from school. Mom or Dad can reset it remotely before kids and babysitter get there. Some programmable thermostats take this premise even further, offering features such as detection sensors that monitor and remember daily habits while tracking actual energy usage. This tracking allows the thermostat to then ‘program’ itself based on the habits of the apartment dweller.

Programmable utilities can go further as well. If you live in an area suffering from drought watering your lawn can be a no no, unless you use newer smart irrigation systems. They use the latest technology to determine the level and amount of watering needed, along with weather data along with historical weather information. Sensors detect moisture levels in the soil. Smart irrigation controllers utilize a variety of methods to determine watering levels, cycles, and time. All of this saves money for you all while saving your landscaping.

Programmable thermostats and smart irrigation systems are how technology can be used to help property owners save money and stay green, in more ways than one.


  1. you can’t expect your a/c to make more than a 30 degere difference. It just won’t do it, but will bleed you dry trying and will wear out the unit faster (thus bleeding you dry even faster). That means that we’re okay until the weather exceeds 110, which it has far too often this summer. One thing to be careful with actually shutting off heat or a/c, depending upon the differential you could actually cost yourself more money getting to your desired temp quickly than you would just setting it low/high when you’re not home–that’s what the programmable thermostat is for, it gets you to your desired temp slowly without allowing things to get too cold/hot as to do damage. And if you’re in a particularly humid climate, you will actually accelerate the formation of mold by turning off your a/c when not in the house for very long. Aside from the gross factor, that’s bad for allergies, respiratory ailments and that gross deadly mold stuff that you can’t get rid of and actually makes you stupid.

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